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21 Clever DIY Book Storage Projects

21 Clever DIY Book Storage Projects

Each good book always brings great worth to readers. After reading, those books are getting more and more, they far exceed the square footage of the home. You are a person who loves collecting books, and you also are getting into trouble with this problem, check out our ideas today to get smart storage solutions but also bring the best-looking ones. From inconspicuous floating shelves to corner solutions, or bookshelf under the stair, there are some that you looking for.

#1 Old Ladder Bookshelf

Image source: hgtv

#2 DIY Book Coffee Table

Image source: xoticbrands

#3 Store Books Over Bed

Image source: stylebyemilyhenderson

#4 Cable Drum Book Storage

Image source: etsy

#5 Doorway Library

Image source: farmfoodfamily

#6 DIY Book Ledges from Wood Slats

Image source: refreshliving

#7 DIY Crate Bookcase

Image source: maisondepax

#8 Faux Wall Clock

Image source: writersrelief

#9 DIY Entryway Bench Stores Books

Image source: sfgirlbybay

#10 Floating Corner Shelf

Image source: livinginashoebox

#11 DIY Metal Basket Book Shelf

Image source: bhg

#12 DIY PVC Pipe Book Storage

Image source: hometalk

#13 Bookcase Stair

Image source: thetreasurethrift

#14 Cute Book Storage

Image source: cottagelife

#15 A Great Kitchen Cabinet

Image source: houzz

#16 An Impressive Artwork Display on Wall

Image source: sheholdsdearly

#17 DIY Raingutter Bookshelves

Image source: moderndaymoms

#18 DIY Pallet Bookshelf

Image source: hashtagblessedblog

#19 Reusing an Old Door for Bookshelf Idea

Image source: theelliotthomestead

#20 A Natural Bookshelf for Room Corner

Image source: bookbub

#21 Room Divider with Wooden Crate Bookshelf

Image source: makingmanzanita

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Easy-to-make Fall Leaf Craft Ideas

Easy-to-make Fall Leaf Craft Ideas

Fall is the season of cooler and nice weather. Not just that, this season also gives natural gifts that not everyone realizes. And fall leaves are among the perfect those! Autumn leaves give the gorgeous touch of the season to any place.

To bring those stunning autumn colors into your living space, check out our collection here. These DIY fall leaf craft projects are easy to make and enough for beginners, even kids to accomplish.

#1 “New Tree”

Image source: flickr

#2 Simple Fall Vase

Image source: saffronmarigold

#3 DIY Outdoor Garland

Image source: hometalk

#4 Fall Leaf for Cup Coaster

Image source: bhg

#5 Pressed Leaves Between Panes

Image source: stonegableblog

#6 DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

Image source: zenideen

#7 Hanging Wall Decor

Image source: simplemadepretty

#8 Leaf Wreath

Image source: chatfieldcourt

#9 Window Decoration

Image source: this mother

#10 Vintage Corner Decor

Image source: maisondepax

#11 Glittery Fall Leaf

Image source: houseofjadeint.wpengine

#12 Leaf Place Card

Image source: jubeltage

#13 Copper Leaf

Image source: 100layercake

#14 Stunning Wind Chime

Image source: homelifeabroad

#15 Fall Tree Decor

Image source: etsy

#16 Recycled Old Picture Frame and Using Fall Leaves

Image source: bhg

#17 Hanging Front Door Basket

Image source: inmyownstyle

#18 Charming Leaf Art Idea

Image source: scrapality

#19 Fall Leaf Decoration on Door

Image source: hometalk

#20 Fall Leaf Letter

Image source: thenopressurelife

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23 Brilliant DIY Pallet Shelf Projects to Decorate Your Home

23 Brilliant DIY Pallet Shelf Projects to Decorate Your Home

If you have old pallets around your home, the 23 Brilliant DIY Pallet Shelf Projects today are impressive gifts you will love. They are creative, useful, and suitable for any space in your home.

Pallets are an easy-to-make material for crafting anything you want. Check out the collection below and get crafty!

#1 Pallet Love

Image source: domesticdoozie.blogspot

#2 Pallet Shoe Storage Shelf

Image source: farmfreshtherapy

#3 Pallet Shelf for Wine Bottle Storage

Image source: tumblr

#4 A Small Pallet Shelf to Fit in a Small Bathroom

Image source: John Houser

#5 Beach Theme Bathroom Shelf

Image source: Pinterest

#6 DIY Pallet Shelf Idea for Rustic/Farmhouse Home

Image source: diycandy

#7 Creative Pallet Storage to Personalize Your Home

Image source: farmfreshtherapy

#8 Your Very Own DIY Pallet Shelf?

Image source: cultivateyourwellness

#9 Wall Pallet Bathroom Shelf

Image source: dumpaday

#10 Pallet Shelf for Kitchen Decorating Idea

Image source: etsy

#11 Pallet Shelf with Hooks

Image source: etsy

#12 Pallet Shelf Candle Holders

Image source: 101palletideas

#13 Floor Pallet Shelf

Image source: Justin McDevitt

#14 Pallet Shelf DIY Mason Jar and Milk Jug

Image source: pinterest

#15 Pallet Shelf Wall Decor

Image source: etsy

#16 A Small and Simple Pallet Shelf

Image source: flickr

#17 Easy and Cute DIY Pallet Book Shelf For Girl’s Room

Image source: pinterest

#18 Recycled Pallet Wall Decor Art and Shelves

Image source: ideaspallet

#19 A Small Pallet Shelf with Bright Color

Image source: Ali Barbanti

#20 Rustic Pallet Shelf with Seashells and a Jar of Sand

Image source: Claire Weasley

#21 DIY Pallet Spice Rack

Image source: makeit-loveit

#22 A Cute Coffee Shelf and Mug Rack

Image source: Tammy Orf-Strenke

#23 Pallet Wood Coat Hook and Shelf

Image source: hometalk

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23 Easy and Creative Tabletop Ideas

23 Easy and Creative Tabletop Ideas

If you have old items such as books, teacups, and mason jars, it’s time to recycle this clutter into your new treasures with a little effort and free time. Reading the 23 Easy and Creative Tabletop Ideas to get your own version! They are great for reusing projects to make cheap and special decorations. They not only shimmer in your interior but also help your spirit relax and relieve pressure. Let’s get started!

#1 DIY Mini Container Water Garden

Image source: midwestliving

#2 Made a Little Zen Garden

Image source: Fatima Vela

#3 DIY Small Fountain From Clay Pots

Image source: acultivatednest

#4 A Miniature Forest Made from Branches, Moss, Pebbles, Pine Cones, and a Wooden Frame

Image source: deavita

#5 Wood Log Planter for Succulents

Image source: succulentsnetwork

#6 Birch Log Centerpiece with Air Plants and Succulents

Image source: sandandsisal

#7 Old Book Succulent Planter

Image source: pinterest

#8 Wood Slice Ideas with Air Plants and Moss

Image source: pianetadonne

#9 Coconut Shell Candle Holders

Image source: waseigenes

#10 Tower Succulent Planters

Image source: solteirasnoivascasadas

#11 Mini Lotus Water Lily Terrarium in Recycled Glass

Image source: flickr

#12 Glass Cup for Tiny Pond Garden

Image source: diyncrafts

#13 Glass Terrarium Tower

Image source: reddit

#14 Lovely DIY Idea

Image source: primainspirace

#15 Lily Pond in a Vase

Image source: marthastewart

#16 Magic Succulent Lantern

Image source: morningchores

#17 A Tabletop Greenhouse to Grow Herbs

Image source: betweennapsontheporch

#18 Mason Jar Flower Vase

Image source: onsuttonplace

#19 Tabletop Concrete Fire Bowl

Image source: ehow

#20 Recycled Herb Planters

Image source: pinterest

#21 Succulent Pot in a Pot

Image source: Janel Whitt

#22 A Fairy Garden in Tea Cup

Image source: pinterest

#23 Seashell Succulent Planter

Image source: popsugar

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