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27 Easy and Cheap Craft Home Decor Ideas

27 Easy and Cheap Craft Home Decor Ideas

In modern life nowadays, besides using smart and convenient house items, the natural and friendly-environment touch also are preferred by many homeowners and designers. They are idyllic but still full of beauty! And if you want to make something authentic, natural, and organic approach to the home, the 27 Easy and Cheap Craft Home Decor Ideas will add a natural touch to your home design. From fall leaves and wind chimes to impressive flower vases, these ways are sure to delight you year-round.

#1 Plastic Bottle Flower Vases

Image source: theseamanmom

#2 DIY Book Wall Art

Image source: hometalk

#3 Long Natural Birch Wood Candle Holder

Image source: Kori Ford

#4 Mason Jar Light for Wall

Image source: etsy

#5 Wall Art Decor with Old Wood Frame and Twigs

Image source: Bethany Pulvino

#6 Twing Floor Lamp

Image source: pinterest

#7 Paint Your Wine Bottles

Image source: craftsbyamanda

#8 Rustic Coffee Table

Image source: xoticbrands

#9 Creative DIY Seashell Wind Chime

Image source: acultivatednest

#10 Mini Pond for Tabletop

Image source: inspirationsandwich

#11 Teacup Succulent Planters

Image source: inspirationsdeco

#12 A Small Garden Herb

Image source: reciclaredecorar

#13 DIY PVC Pipe Floor Lamp

Image source: ohmeohmyblog

#14 Wine Cork Wreath

Image source: pinterest

#15 DIY Plastic Spoon Mirror

Image source: pinterest

#16 DIY Rope Table Coaster

Image source: liagriffith

#17 A Fairy Work

Image source: onekindesign

#18 Upcycling Tin Cans

Image source: hometalk

#19 Lovely Sign

Image source: onekindesign

#20 DIY Beach Theme Candle Holder

Image source: yesmissy

#21 Hanging Glass Bottle Flower Vase

Image source: sustainmycrafthabit

#22 DIY Driftwood Wall Hanger

Image source: theeffortlesschic

#23 Upcycled Fruit Baskets into Hanging Planters

Image source: blog.jungalow

#24 DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table

Image source: abeautifulmess

#25 Hanging Wood Slice Shelves

Image source: Peinture Abstraite

#26 Fall Leave Home Decor Idea

Image source: thepondsfarmhouse

#27 DIY Twig Letter

Image source: Roxanne Price

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