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30 Amazing DIY Projects Made Out of Your Old Jeans

30 Amazing DIY Projects Made Out of Your Old Jeans

There are many ways to turn old jeans in your wardrobe into great DIY projects. Instead of throwing them out, the list below is worthy to try. They are so easy to make with minimal effort. You can create them whenever you have free time such as on the weekend.

From gorgeous bags, window curtains, pillows, blankets, plant pots, wreath, book covers, phone holders, dog jackets, storage ideas, kitchen accessories, wearable fashions, to charming DIY table decorations. All can be turned into new eco-friendly products!

#1 Old Jean Bag

Image source: fler

#2 DIY Book Cover

Image source: bookstr

#3 Jean Pocket Placemats

Image source: cookandcraftmecrazy

#4 Denim Dog Bed

Image source: reciclaredecorar

#5 Sofa Organiser for Remote Controls from Old Jeans

Image source: upcyclemystuff

#6 Recycled Jeans Planter

Image source: hometalk

#7 Recycled Denim Feather Wall Hanging

Image source: mydesiredhome

#8 Phone Holder

Image source: pinterest

#9 Front Door Wreath

Image source: craft.ideas2live4

#10 Old Jean Pillows

Image source: inspirahogar

#11 A Neat Footstool Wrapped in Old Jeans and Store Your Old Stuff Animals Inside

Image source: pinterest

#12 Denim Rug Floor

Image source: revistaartesanato

#13 Repurposed Denim Apron

Image source: flickr

#14 Fabulous DIY Storage Solution

Image source: genial

#15 Recycling Jeans for Denim Curtain

Image source: pinterest

#16 DIY Toy Storage Bag

Image source: acultivatednest

#17 Turning Old Jean into a Basket

Image source: flickr

#18 Creativity with Old Jeans

Image source: musely

#19 Old Jean for Door Mat

Image source: handmadiya

#20 An Awesome Picnic Blanket from Old Jeans

Image source: hometalk

#21 Denim Dog Jacket

Image source: juventudrebelde

#22 Valentine’s Day Wreaths

Image source: dishfunctionaldesigns

#23 Re-Purposed Denim Water Bottle Bags

Image source: crafty-home-cottage

#24 Denim Jeans Christmas Stockings

Image source: nebraskaviews

#25 Denim Bracelets

Image source: Mary Dulcie

#26 Make a Recycled Tuna Can Pin Cushion

Image source: karendewittauthor

#27 Old Jeans Cup Cooler

Image source: deavita

#28 Garden Tool Storage

Image source: acultivatednest

#29 Denim Wine Bag

Image source: debbiewendell

#30 Your New Sofa Idea

Image source: handmadiya

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Easy and Creative Outdoor Swings from Unbelievable Materials

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Whether for creating a play area or making the space dreamy, an outdoor swing can create lasting memories that everyone will enjoy. Seeing beautiful natural scenery or just simply feeling a cool breeze in the fresh air, adding a swing surely promises great things ahead.

If you have any space including a garden, backyard, front yard, porch, or patio, it’s time to design one of these Easy and Creative Outdoor Swings from Unbelievable Materials today. These ideas might seem like a big project, but some of them actually simple and doable even for a beginner.

Not only have projects for adults to unwind but there also are some for your kids that they will fall in love with and prefer playing on it.

#1 Old Chair Swing

Image source: hayneedle

#2 Simple Wooden Slab Swing

Image source: archzine

#3 Pallet Swing Idea

Image source: homehacks

#4 A Tire Swing

Image source: toolboxdivas

#5 Old Bench for Swing

Image source: Michael Luelloff

#6 Old Door Swing

Image source: huckleberrylanefurniture

#7 Snowboard Swing

Image source: liftopia

#8 Wine Barrel Swing

Image source: ilovani

#9 DIY Platform Swing Idea

Image source: thediyvillage

#10 Turned Baby Crib into a Porch Swing

Image source: lollyjane

#11 Round Wooden Slice Swing with Rope

Image source: pinterest

#12 Horse Swing Made From Cable Spool

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#1 Bamboo Tomato Cages

Image source: mrsbuenavida

#2 Container Cage

Image source: flickr

#3 A Strong Tomato Cage

Image source: homesteadandchill

#4 Tomato Cage with Trellis

Image source: instructables

#5 Bamboo and Rope Cage

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#6 Tomato Cage Using Pvc Piping

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#7 A Shape Cage

Image source: blessmyweeds

#8 DIY Tomato Cage Bottle Tree

Image source: houseofhawthornes

#9 Branch Cage

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#10 Ladders for Tomato Cage

Image source: hometalk

#11 DIY Rustic Tomato Cage from Sticks

Image source: creativejewishmom

#12 DIY Tomato Cage Bird Bath

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#13 DIY Wood Tomato Cages

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#14 DIY Old Bike Tire Tomato Cage

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Easy Recycled Garden Walkway Projects for This Weekend

Easy Recycled Garden Walkway Projects for This Weekend

Check out the Garden Walkways for a timeless addition to your garden. There are simple gardens, but they have impressive paths that help to increase beauty many times and it can lead you to easily and comfortably tour the garden. No more dirt roads, or just growing weeds, it’s time to replace them with these great paths here!

1. Glass Bottle Walkway

Image source: cottagelife

2. Wooden Slice Walkway from Dried Tree Stumps

Image source: We

3. Pallet Garden Walkway

Image source: cottagelife

4. Old Brick Garden Walkway

Image source: yandex

5. Old Tire Walkway

Image source: cottagelife

6. Bottle Cap Walkway

Image source: revistaartesanato

7. Plastic Bottle Walkway

Image source: theverybesttop10

8. Water Trough and Concrete Garden Path

Image source: dishfunctionaldesigns

9. Garden Junk  Walkway Idea

Image source: organizedclutter

10. DIY Spool Garden Walkway

Image source: nextluxury

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